Working with us:

Each season we hire 2-3 workers to assist with all aspects of running the farm. We don't call them "apprenticeships" anymore because they are regular paid positions, but workers will have the opportunity to learn and be exposed to a wide range of farm tasks just as they would in an apprenticeship. These are approximately 6-month positions in which staff gain a wide range of hands-on experience while working on a small-scale, certified organic vegetable farm. Tasks run the gamut from building infrastructure projects in the early spring, to seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting and marketing throughout the season, to special projects in the fall. The work is at times demanding (think digging parsnips all day in the rain), and at other times tedious (think packing greens for hours, or picking beans for ...forever), but we believe that it is always rewarding!     

All positions have been filled for the 2018 season, thank you to everyone who applied!